What we did on Thanksgiving weekend!

I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday weekend.

Ours was no exception.  With the extra time off of work, we were able to get some projects done around the house (master closet is finally finished and organized!) and got to do a lot of cuddling with our kiddos.

Dean’s mom came in town to spend the holidays with us.  I love having her around to help cook dishes and she always has so much fun with the boys.  She also braved the Friday am rush (which she said wasn’t bad) to Lowe’s to pick up some Christmas décor for her house and ours.

Thanksgiving day started with the Turkey Trot.  My mom, dad, brother and I all ran the 8k race.  I thought I was going to die during the run – and couldn’t get in a groove because it was FREEZING (yes, less than 32° out and they had people on the course pointing out ice patches on the road).  But I ran it much faster than I expected – I was hoping to run in about 45-47 mins (which is a 9+ min mile) and I finished in 43:21 which is a 8:43 mile for 5 miles.  Much faster than I expected considering my Nike+ run said I was doing anywhere from a 9-10min pace during the last three miles (since we literally ran directly to the starting line and into the race – we were late for the start, I didn’t have a chance to start my tracker at the beginning, but I could tell I was running faster than normal with the crowd – I guess I was booking because my pace was definitely slower the second half!)

After the Trot, we made our dishes and headed to my brothers house where they hosted us for Turkey Day. It was delicious!  And my SIL made these cute placemats where we all had to write what we were thankful for… my kids, my bible studies and my husbands great backrubs definitely top the list!

The rest of the weekend we snuggled with our kiddos, watched Arthur Christmas or (“Christmas Arf” as Landon calls it), checked out a cool fire truck, pulled out the Christmas decor and enjoyed delicious chocolate pie (so easy, melted Hershey bars, cool whip and a graham cracker crust!)

What was the best part of your Thanksgiving weekend?

Tgiving wknd


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