Flashback – Christmas 2012

It is crazy how much kids change over the year.  And as I look back on pictures from last Christmas, it cracks me up to see the differences.  Last Christmas Brooks was new on his legs.  Getting ready to celebrate his first birthday and all the excitement of a first party.  Landon really got to understand what Christmas was and was thrilled at all the fun Christmas-y things we got to do.

As I look back on last years memories, it makes me so happy to think about what it will be like this year.  How Landon knows so much more about the holiday.  The way Brooks recognizes Santa whenever we see one.  The way they love the lights in the yards.  The fun of finding our elf, Pea, each morning.  The excitement of buying gifts for each other.  Reading the story about Jesus’ birthday in their bibles at bedtime. And making special holiday treats.

I can’t wait to see the memories that come alive in this year’s pictures!

Flashback – Christmas 2012:

flash1 flash2 flash3 flash4 flash5 flash6 flash7


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