Landon’s First Field Trip

Landon’s class at school went to Santa’s Bag this week.  This was his first school field trip.  He rode the bus from school to the lightrail and then got to go on the lightrail uptown to the Imaginon kids center.  Santa’s Bag is a program where kids get to go in and buy gifts for the people on their list.  They want the kids to enjoy giving and being able to have some independence as they select gifts for their friends.

We gave Landon a list of his cousins and brother to buy for and some cash.

Also, he was lucky enough that Daddy got to come and hang out on the field trip with him.  (It wasn’t far from Dean’s work – just a few blocks away).

I got reports from Aunt Heidi (who chaperoned) and daddy that he loved the time there.  And he even got to meet Santa at the end of the day!


How sweet are he and Harleigh together – always holding hands and playing together.  They are too cute!


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