Kids Say: Brooks-isms

Brooks grabs the tube of toothpaste out of my bathroom drawer, opens it, licks it and says… “Mmmm, taste good, Mommy.”


The boys and I are sitting at the dinner table waiting for Daddy (who’s just run upstairs to change out of his work clothes real quick).


I guess he was ready for din.


Landon has a toy that Brooks wants to play with. The minute Landon gets it, Brooks walks over:

“Mommy, Wandon (how he pronounces Landon) isn’t sharing.” then he turns to Landon, “Wandon, you better share.”

Of course, then I have to explain to Brooks that it’s Landon’s turn since he just got the toy… which leads to a writhing puddle of tears on the floor.


“Brooksie, can Mommy get kisses?”

Looks right at me and replies, “I don’t want your kisses.” and turns his head away.

So of course, I grab his face and give him a hundred kisses all over!


Grabbing a bite of apple crisp on his plate (mind you he doesn’t like his foods mixed or touching).

“Mmmm apple” he says as he puts it to his lips.

He quickly pulls it away and yells “GROSS!”

“This is gross!” He repeats as he wipes all of the crumb topping off of the apple slice.


Yes, this youngest son of mine has spunk and spice… and he’s sometimes nice! 😉


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