Little helper

At almost, four years old, Landon has really started to become more independent.  He wants to do everything mommy and daddy do – especially daddy.  He wants to help out. He wants to get his own things. He wants to dress himself.  And it’s, for the most part, really great to see this growth.

If daddy is working on the car, he’s out there drilling and pounding away.

When mommy and Gigi were hanging pictures, he wanted to hand the nails.

He loves getting himself ready for the day – taking off his bedtime diaper and getting out of his jammies and into an outfit he picks out all by himself.

We keep the kids bowls, cups, spoons, etc on a very low shelf and he picks them out on his own.

When he wants yogurt, he gets one out of the fridge, gets a spoon, opens it and has his own little snack.  He even puts his trash in the can afterwards and his spoon in the sink!

He loves helping Brooks reach things that are too high or help give him a boost onto the bed.

If we are running errands, he always wants to go.

When we are at the grocery store, he loves to pick things out and put them in the cart.  And he loves carrying the light bags in from the car.

When daddy was hanging the Christmas lights, he couldn’t wait to help string them and turn them on!

Lights helper

I love that he is becoming so independent.  But as I recognize it, it gives me a tinge of sadness that he needs me less, but I know that as he develops, he is going to start needing me less physically and more mentally (i.e. homework help, life questions and advice).

I love seeing this little helper as he grows and develops into such a smart and fun boy!


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