Two tries with Santa

This year, the boys had two chances (well, Landon actually had three because he saw Santa on his field trip but refused) to sit on Santa’s lap.

The first was a complete “no go”.
Brooks and Landon both were so excited to head to the neighborhood cookie decorating party to see Santa.  We got there and they saw him from the car – “Wook, it’s Santa!” Brooks pointed excitedly at the man in red outside of the clubhouse.

However, by the time we got up there, my two boys were anything but cordial with the jolly old man.

After several tries, we finally had them sit on Santa’s seat while he snuck in from behind and smiled for a shot! Hilarious, right?!

santa sneak

The second try was during our visit to MD with Grammy. We talked in up all morning.  We were going to tell Santa what we wanted. We practiced talking to Santa.  We got there and the kids were so excited.

Then it was time to sit on Santa’s lap.

Surprisingly, Landon hopped up immediately.  He talked to Santa about the cement truck and firetruck he wanted. Brooks held my leg and didn’t want to go. Of course, like any good mom, I threw him up on Santa’s lap and stepped back for the professionals to do their work 🙂


Yep, that was all we could muster. A child thrusting their arms and yelling for mom.  There was a split second where I talked to him and he put his arms down.  So that was the one I selected!

Yes, for the mere price of $25, you too can have a picture of your child screaming his lungs out for Santa.

** On a side note, the second I picked him up, the waterworks were off, he sweetly shouted “Bye Santa!” with a wave and told me, “I wanna sit with Santa lap.”

Ummm yeah. Sure you do.


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