Kids Say: Landonisms

Whenever I laugh out loud at something (whether Landon has made a unbeknownst-to-him funny comment, something on the tv made me laugh or I read something funny and chuckle), Landon will always look at me and ask, “What are you funny about, mommy?”

It’s too cute I don’t have the heart to correct it.

The other day, Landon was over at Aunt Heidi’s and she was cooking dinner in the crockpot.

Aunt Heidi: talking to the four kids “Did someone do a poopy in their pants?”
Landon looks at her, completely serious:  “No, Aunt Heidi, that not a dirty diaper, it is just your food cooking in the crockpot.”

Guess he wasn’t up for the dish she was making that day.


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