Remembering Crazy Hazey – Hazel Saft

I recently posted about my Great Grandma Saft turning 104. Her birthday was right after Christmas.

This past weekend we celebrated her life as she went to her eternal home on 1/3/14.  Interesting how my family members who lived near her described her as really excited about her birthday party and celebrating it.  Once her big day passed they could see a quick decline, as if she was holding out for her big day and then was ready to go be with Jesus.

During her service and celebration of life, many family members recounted stories about her life and the traits that they learned from an amazingly resilient, determined, hardworking and loving woman.  Stories of the way she helped others, the way she learned to take care of herself, the way she raised her children, and the safe haven she provided to so many.

You would be shocked at the stories of her amazingness.  She certainly lived up to the nickname Crazy Hazey.

– Rock rappelling at 84 (despite injuring her rotator cuff on the way up the mountain. Yes, she rappelled with one arm in a makeshift “jacket sling”.)
– Riding on the back of my dad’s Harley Davidson at 80 years old.
– Visiting the local senior center to “help the old folks” when she was older than most of the ones in there.
– At 80+, climbing the rafters of her garage looking for a bathroom vanity for her remodel (after climbing a stack of cardboard boxes to get up there… who needs a ladder!?)
– I don’t remember if she was 90 or 100 when she went gliding (where an airplane pulls your craft and releases to let your aircraft glide to the ground).
– Being recognized as Syracuse University’s oldest fan by Jim Beoheim (P.S. SU basketball beat UNC during her funeral service, just as she would have liked it!)

What an amazing life she lived and there were so many people to celebrate her life and the awesome woman that she was.  I know she is rocking her new body in heaven and watching over us with a smile and a “Garsh!”

There were some cool picture boards of her life on display and I snapped a couple of (not good) shots with my camera phone. hazey1 hazey2



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