Happy Birthday to my Monkey

Today my Monkey turns two. My wide open boy. My fun-loving communicator. My crazy cuddler.

Favorite sayings:
“Mom, watch dis, watch dis.” (even if it’s to just to say something like, “Crazypants!” or make a crazy loud grunt/noise – I have to always be watching!)
“Ut oh Paghettio”. Any time something drops on the floor, or is spilled on the table. This is his go to phrase!
“DON’T TALK TO ME, WANDON!” Yes, he yells at his brother if Landon says something to annoy him.  I wonder if he’s mimicking his mommy with his loud responses… oops!

Favorite toys:
Any truck that makes noise. He loves to drive them all over the place.
Basically, anything with wheels is awesome.  Second to wheels are balls – soccer balls, basketballs, footballs – he doesn’t discriminate.

Favorite foods:
Yogurt bites (yogurt covered raisins)
And for ‘real foods’ – he loves pizza, lasagna casserole, corn and green beans

You are my sweet little boy.  It’s hard to believe we are already at 2!  The days are long and the years are short, for sure. I am so proud to be your mommy and I thank God each night that he’s blessed me with such a special guy.

I am just loving this stage of your life. I love that you communicate well with me – that we can carry on full conversations and you never want to stop gabbing.

You are so playful and fun.  Loving time with your brother and daddy. You love taking the lead and having people follow in your footsteps.  You aren’t afraid to say “no” to any request and do it willingly! 😉

I love (and sometimes don’t love) that you have an opinion.  “No, I no like this chicken.  Tastes llyucky!” I love when I call you baby – as a term of endearment (“Baby, go grab that paper you dropped and throw it in the trash.”) – and you tell me, “I not a baby, I’m big boy.”  You know who you are and what you like!

Your sense of humor enamors me.  You already know how to be funny and sometimes after you crack your joke and we’re laughing, you’ll remind us. “Brooksie funny.”

You are so precious.  Your body, while growing quickly, is still little to me.  The baby toes on your feet and your cute little booty.  The way you snuggle into my shoulder and say, “Wanta go to bed.”

My little monkey, you are such a great little boy.  I am so excited for your new milestones into toddlerhood.  As your first years were focused on so many physical milestones, these next few years will be filled with more mental milestones. Learning new things and watching you continually develop.

I am so blessed for a front row seat to your life. I am proud of the little boy you are and I pray that the glimpses of personality I see now will be part of the traits that make you an amazing man in the future.  Determined.  Smart.  Funny.  Strongwilled.  Outgoing.  Loving.

I love you Brooksie!


A Benjamin Button look at Brooksie’s first two years!


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