Brooks’ Potty Time!

Yes, I am that mom.  The one that is a little off with her filter.

Who is ok with embarrassing her kids every once in a while (here, here, here, here) for the sake of teaching them to learn to be comfortable with themselves and gain confidence (thanks dad!).

And that is why I will share with you Brooks’ first big potty.  He’s occasionally done a pee on the potty here and there, but this was the first time he told me he needed to do a #2 and then he ran over to the potty, got right on and went.



He was so proud of himself for doing it!

No, we haven’t had any follow up potty’s and Dean and I haven’t really pushed it.  I figure when he’s ready, he’ll let us know.  We learned from our potty training experience with Landon, that we need to just let him tell us when he’s ready.

Yep, another great post for Brooks’ future wife!


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