My little teacher

Lately, Landon has been on a kick where he likes to teach his little brother.  In the shower, Landon will point to their Cars body wash and start the lesson.
“Brooks, say Toe”
“Toe,” repeats little brother.
“Mater,” says Brooks.
“See Brooksie, you’re sounding the words. Toe-Mater, TowMater!”

Then he moves to the next character, “Light”
“See Brooksie, Lightnin’ McQueen” he directs.

The funniest part is Brooks is already a very good speaker.  He carries on fully conversations with us all the time, so this isn’t quite an area that he needs help and often it’s harder to understand what Brooks is saying when Landon is giving the lesson.  But it sure is adorable to see Landon teach Brooks and Brooks to listen to what his big bro has to say.

I. love. these. boys.


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