Birthday Fun: Brooks

Brooks had a great 2nd birthday.  He started off the morning with a streamer wall to run through.  Funny thing is when he’d try to get through, he’d just army crawl under the decor.  We kept telling him to bust through it but he’d run and then drop and army crawl. Finally Dean helped him run through and when he did Brooks said “Ut oh, it’s bwoken!”  After dinner, we celebrated with cupcakes and opened presents.  His favorite of which was a Mater car from Grammy.  And we ended the night with a glow stick party in Brooks’ room.


Then the Saturday after his birthday, we met up with the cousins and Gigi for a fun day at Charlotte Nature Museum.  This was our first time going and everyone loved it. They had animals to see, there was a chicken exhibit – where you could pet all the different chickens, they had slides and a water table, hand painting and craft sections.  The kids had a great time there and I think we’d go again.



I think Brooks had cupcakes about 7 times for his birthday. He LOVED it!


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