Pinterest Idea – Swirl, Tie Dye Cupcakes

When trying to do something special for Brooks birthday, I wanted to mix it up and do some color in his cupcakes without just doing solid colors. So I went for a tie dye swirl, which many people have done before, but to make it easier on myself, I took a shortcut to create the swirl.

I know most people would take the white batter and put it in bowls and the add color to each different bowl. Instead, I filled each cupcake liner with the regular white batter and then at the end I put a drop or two of food coloring in each cupcake and swirled it in with a toothpick.

This way I didn’t have to work with tons of bowls. Just my mixing bowl, a toothpick and food coloring.

They turned out great!
cupcake idea

What other tips or tricks do you use when party planning or for meal prep?


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