Goals in 2014

In thinking about some of the great things that happened with our family in the past year, I want to continue on progress we’ve made over the past year and extend that into 2014.  There are goals I have for myself individually and things I want us to do as a family.

Here goes:

1 – Go on a family of four vacation.  We rarely do this.  We are always visiting other family or with other friends or family.  This year, I’d like to do a Dean family trip.
2 – Get up to Maine for our family reunion.  I would love to get to Maine this year for our Bradbury side of the family reunion.  Over 100 people get together in Old Orchard Beach for family camaraderie and fun.
3 – Make some purchases and upgrades for our house.  I feel like our house projects could be a list in and of itself – but here are some high priority items for our family this year.  Get a new desk, get a new kitchen table, organize a dedicated office space.  Paint our dining room and living space. (pics to come, tackled that with my mommy dearest over MLK weekend!) Paint our half bathroom.  Paint Landon’s room.  Get a new sink for the kitchen (I hate double bowl sinks!).
4 – Financial goals.  Dean and I have a lot of personal financial goals for our family regarding how much we save, how much we tithe, how much we put into retirement, money towards the kids accounts, etc.  This year we have our loftiest goals yet but I really believe we can hit them.  The good news is we have absolutely no big purchases planned for the year (no new car, house, etc) so that will help us to be even better with our savings goals.
5 – Go on more date nights.  My sister and I do a great job of keeping each others kids a couple times a month, but usually Dean and I use that time to go to our couples bible study or run errands.  We need to do a better job of planning date nights. And taking turns on it (hint, hint husband!)
6 – Go on a husband/wife trip away.  Can you believe that the only time Dean and I have ever gone on a trip alone has been our honeymoon?!  We don’t do weekends away anywhere and even our big trips (with kids) and vacations (without kids) have been with other friends or family members.
7 – Get into a new bible study book.  Since I closed out my womens group in December, I have done a TERRIBLE job (i.e. nonexistent) getting into my bible.  This has been such an extreme change because last fall I was really into my studies and quiet time. I was in the zone and was loving where I was in my walk with God.  Right now – it is the complete opposite and I can’t seem to get myself back on track.  Luckily, our couples group is starting back this month and my womens group starts again in February.
8 – Host people at our house.  Again, something we didn’t do much in our old house, but we’d like to do at least two things this year where we invite people over for a BBQ or to swim or something.
9 – Do one-on-one dates with our kids at least 6 times this year.  Not just one-on-one errand time (which we do a lot of), but special, let’s-go-do-something-fun time with our kiddos.  Where Dean takes one and I take the other and we switch the next time.  I want my kids to have times where they get my undivided attention and we just hang out.
10 – Find a way to serve.  Whether it’s at church or in the community, I want to do a better job of making a difference in my environment.  I don’t feel like this is something our family does well. Sure, we will put money towards something if there is a need, but I want to do a better job giving time.  And showing our kids the importance of doing things for other people.
11 – Get my exercise on all year.  I think I did a good job last fall exercising a lot and lately I’ve struggled with it getting dark early and finding time, but now that our elliptical is up and running, I want to have a great year where I stay consistent all year long.  Exercising 3-4 times every week would be a great goal – running, workout classes, elliptical, P90X, Insanity, there are so many things we can do and I want to get into a good groove again because I notice I am mentally stronger when I exercise regularly.

Do you have any goals for this new year?



  1. Sweet! This is dad on mom’s computer. We’ll see what we can do to help all of our children hit some of their goals.


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