Favorites Lately

Don’t you sometimes get into a groove where you find something you love and you get it or use it over and over.

Here are some of my current favorite things:

fav1 This Suave rosemary mint shampoo. It smells heavenly and reminds me of the fancy shampoo my hairdresser uses on my hair whenever I get a cut.  It smells especially great if I don’t use it for a few weeks and then start using it again – like my nose has forgotten what it smells like.

fav2My parents got me some gingerbread tea for Christmas and it has been tasting so great these past few weeks. I really love hot beverages when it’s cold outside and lately I’ve been enjoying my hot tea with either honey (fresh from my grandparents hive!) or agave.  And the absolute best was when I used some of my moms cinnamon creamed honey (again, courtesy of Bobev Honey!) in it – the cinnamon gave it an extra deliciousness!

fav3I am loving my Under Armour no show socks lately. Something about the extra padding in all the right places and the extra support and softness makes them my faves. I always use them first after all the laundry is done 🙂

fav4I discovered these melt in your mouth chocolates a few years ago and on occasion my hubs will buy them for me (… oh who am I kidding, I’ve been known to also buy them for myself!).  I was never a fancy chocolate person growing up – a Reeses cup did me fine. But I guess I’ve acquired more of a distinguished palate in my ‘old age’!

fav5 This is my favorite show right now.  Of course, I have several favorite shows, but I just love the engagement between Sherlock and Watson and I’m always drawn to super brilliant characters. It reminds me of House only for cops.


What about you… what are some of your favorite things right now?


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