Making time for dates

In 2014 our family has a goal of making more time for dates. Parent/child dates and mom/dad dates. Sometimes we get so wrapped up on our to-do’s that we forget to schedule time to get out of the house for some quality one on one time.

So this weekend we did our first ‘planned’ parent/child dates.

Landon picked a date with Mommy and Brooksie got to spend some quality time with Daddy.

Landon is at the age where is got super excited about our date. He picked out the shirt he wanted me to wear. He dressed up. It was just adorable. And several times leading up to our date, he asked “how much longer until we go to our ice cream date?”

Brooks still doesn’t quite ‘get it’, but he just loves the special time together.

date1 date2 date3

Landon and I had a great time getting ice cream with lots of delicious toppings and then going together to cheer on Gigi and Papa’s volleyball team. We jammed out to our favorite songs and just had a fun time being together.

Daddy and Brooks also had a (top secret) date.  The only evidence I was given was this quick shot that daddy sent me of Baby Boy devouring his sweet donut treat.
date B

(I’m not sure why they were still sporting the Christmas boxes – hopefully the donuts were fresh!)

I love that we are making a concerted effort this year for meaningful dates. Not just errands or busyness, but sit down one-on-one and ask about life time with our little ones.

And mom and dad are going to work on more dates on the calendar this year too! 🙂


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