Of course.

Brooks has a lot of adorable sayings lately. He cracks me up with the “more adult” phrases he uses. I know he hears mom and dad use them and then puts them into practice.

One of his recent favorites is, “of course”.  Which sounds funny for a newly-minted two year old to use:

Mommy: “Brooks, do you want to have a waffle for breakfast this morning?”
Brooks: “Of course.” As he walks towards his booster seat.

Brooks: “Oh no, my truck is broke.”
Landon: “Brooksie, do you want me to help you fix your truck?”
Brooks: “Of course.” And he drives it right over to brother for help.

(overheard in the shower)
Landon to Brooks: “I’m going to use Cars shampoo.  Do you want me to give you some, too?”
Brooks: “Of course.”

It cracks me up when he uses it. I just don’t expect this little boy to use it – he sounds so proper with that response.

Any one else have kids who use funny “adult” phrases?


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