Sunny days (despite snow predictions)

This week, we are expected to get a few inches of the white powdery stuff. For Charlotte, this means ‘complete city shutdown’.

Carolinas weather is always somewhat crazy – it’s not uncommon for us to have days of 60°+ weather before and after days a big snow or ice day (and “big” is relative – I mean an inch or two!)

This past weekend is the perfect example – it was gorgeous.  I wore tshirts outside and even ran in shorts on Sunday.  We ate fro yo outside and went to the park with our cousins.

Now, our ‘always reliable’ meteorologists are predicting up to 3 inches on Wed and Thurs!

I’m going to soak in the spring-like fun with this reminder of our sunny days for just a little longer – at least until the first flakes arrive!


sunny day 2


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