Learning to Read

For Christmas, Landon got some Bob books from Grandpop and Debbie.  He’s been really excited to start them and over the past few weeks, we’ve picked some out and read them together. The cool things about Bob books are they start with a focus of just 1-2 letters at a time, so there is a whole book on A and B and one on C and D and another on E and F, etc.

As we go, we do a lot of practice sounds of the key words.
“A” “Sounds like ah” “ahh-lligator” “alligator”
“B” “Sounds like buh” “buh-ear” bear”

Landon wanted to do the A/B book again this weekend, so we pulled it out.  After we finished reading it, I asked him “Landon, can you think of any other words that start with A/uh sound?”

“Uhhh-table,” he replied.  Hmmm… so we have a ways to go, I thought to myself.

We talked through some other “A” words and he seemed to catch on for a few of them.

“How about other words that start with the B/buh sound?”
“Like this,” he asks, pointing to the headboard of his bed.

Wow – maybe he is getting this after all, I thought. He is getting one on his first try!

“Yes, what is that, Bubba? What is that B object?”
Still pointing to his bed, he responds, “Buh-Buh-Wood.”

And like that, my hopes and dreams of an early appearance on Jeopardy for my whiz kid are dashed.


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