2010 and 2014 Olympics

In watching these Winter Olympics, there are so many stories of these Olympians and how they fared in their last Olympics – in Vancouver 2010.  It’s always amazing to hear stories of how these athletes have stayed on top of their game and performed over the past 4 years to better their results from 2010.

For me, it bring a different reminder.  I was watching the closing events of the 2010 Olympics, getting induced to have my firstborn the next day.  These four years remind me how fast life goes. When these athletes were missing out on medals, I was delivering a baby boy. And in the same four years they have trained, I have also trained. I’ve been honing my parenting skills – making adjustments, learning new techniques.

It’s crazy to think about how these 4 years have passed by so quickly.  Like these athletes, the days are long and hard, but the years really have flown by.

And when I think ahead to the 2018 Olympics, like many of these athletes whose dreams were crushed in Sochi, and are looking to their next opportunity, I think about the fact that I will have an 8 year old boy then.  He’ll be in school, learning and developing, he’ll have grown so much from this year.  When we celebrate the next Winter Olympics, I’m sure it will bring up memories of our family this year – cuddling together and watching the events, guessing who would win and cheering on USA.

It’s hard to believe I only get 4 or 5 of these Winter Olympics to raise my kids.  And I know ‘the daily training’ will be difficult, but there are huge milestones to celebrate and enjoy along the way.


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