Cousin Sleepover

cousin sleepover

These two love each other. And I mean, they REALLY, REALLY love each other.

It’s so awesome to see them develop their friendship and be truly best friends.

This isn’t something I had growing up.  Our cousins were all several hours away so we only saw them a few times a year. And while I had a cousin I was close with, I always wondered what it would have been like to have cousins you saw several times a week/month.

All of our other cousins lived close enough to visit each other often, some even lived on adjoining property, so they got to hang out all the time.

We don’t have adjoining property here in Charlotte, but my kids are so blessed to spend so much time with their cousins and grandparents.  What a blessing for these kids as they grow up!

P.S. About an hour after his picture was taken – and about an hour after they should have been fast asleep, I finally had to go in there and send them to separate beds so they could get some sleep.  But I know they loved this special time together giggling, joking and whispering together. Lost in their own BFF world.


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