An interview about the birthday kids

Today Harleigh turns 4.
Friday-ish Lawson turns 2. (He’s a Leap Day Baby – hence the ‘ish’).

In honor of the birthdays this week, I decided to interview my kids about the birthday kids.

Interview with Brooks:
Me: What is your favorite thing about Harleigh?
Brooks: Lawson
hmmm… ok your favorite thing about the birthday girl is her brother?!

M: What is your favorite thing about Lawson?
B: Trucks…vrrooooommmm
so, he’s not just using you for your trucks, Lawson…

M: Do you like playing with Lawson – is he your favorite?
B: I like Lawson rides choo choo train.
again… just using you to get to your playthings.


Interview with Landon:
Me: Landon, what’s your favorite thing about Harster?
Landon: Going with her to the library

M: What is your favorite game to play with Harleigh?
L: Natscotch.
M: Natscotch – how do you play that?
L: Oh, you know, where you hop on one foot.
M: Oh, you like HOPscotch.

M: What do you love about Lawson?
L: Playing with all his presents.  He shares them with me.
Hmm… no ulterior motives there.

M: Who has the best birthday this week?
L: me.

M: What would Harleigh say she loves best about her BFF Landon?
L: That she gets to share with me.
Never one to shy away from the truth. Of course everyone just LOVES sharing with you!

M: Well, what would Lawson say he loves best about you?  Are you a good friend? Do you treat him nicely?
L: Lawson really loves me. I always make him laugh.

Happy birthday Har and Laws… we love you guys bunches!

Love, the most well intentioned cousins ever!





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