My Birthday Boy is 4

I’m posting this today because I don’t post on weekends, but tomorrow my baby toddler big kid turns 4. I can’t believe how happy he makes me.  He is sensitive and sweet. He is thoughtful and loving. He is all boy but has a special softness to him.  He knows how to make me feel so loved as his mom. And he is such a super son and generous brother.

What a great addition he is to our family.

I asked Landon to give me 4 of his best ‘looks/faces’ to celebrate his big F-O-U-R!

lrd1 lrd3 lrd2 lrd4

The happiest of birthdays will be celebrated all weekend for this precious little man.  We love our little Landy Pants, Pantsie, Bubba, Crazyface, Baby, Boo Boo so much!


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