Striped Cousins

When we get the five cousins together around the holidays, we always try to do little photoshoots with them.  Of course this is an EASY task.  Five kids under four and trying to get them all to look at the camera, smile, keep their hands away from their face, etc.

Over Christmas, we tried to get everyone together since my mom got them all matching PJs. But since we had lots of sickness going around we attempted three times and each time we struck out. Another bug!

Finally, we hosted all of my family at our house for the Superbowl and we made another attempt with the 5 littles.  Here is the best work of 4 women dancing around, clapping our hands, making crazy noises and faces and being all-around ridiculous for the sake of THE SHOT!

5cous 5cous2 5cous3 5cous4 5cous5

5cous6 5cous7

So funny huh. The best ones were when they each got to hold a toy of some sort!

And – as a bonus – one of my little pair of brothers, while everyone else was ‘setting up the shot’!



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