Turning 4 is FUN

Most kids love their birthdays.  Mine are no exception.  So when Landon’s big day rolled around, we jam packed it with tons of fun things so we could max out on the celebration.

The fun started with a big BIRTHDAY DOOR that Landon got to crash through. Then we celebrated with special birthday donuts. Of course he picked his favorite BALLINA CREAM (VANILLA).  We then hit the road to head up to the Huntersville Kids Discovery Place and it was awesome. It was our first time there and they had the place jam packed with all sorts of activities and stations to play at (tractor, gymnastics, water table, train station, car repair, airport, etc).  It was just perfect for two energetic kids!

Then we went out to eat and Landon picked out two of his favorites for lunch – mac n cheese and corndogs.

Prior to his birthday, I asked Landon if he wanted a store bought cake/cupcakes or a homemade cake.  (When I was little I always wanted a storebought cake and my mom would always make one from scratch).  Since L is my little sous chef, he of course wanted to make one at home and he picked out butter pecan cake and a pink frosting for on top.  It was delicious and we did multiple renditions of happy birthday!

Then we opened some presents with Gigi and Papa and facetimed his BFF cousin Har so that she could sing to him – with Lawson’s help, of course!

We closed the evening with a glow stick party and reading books by flashlight. It was a perfect family filled day for our 4 year old!

BD41 BD42 BD43

I love my four year old!


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