Aunt Awesome

This week, we introduced a new nanny to our family.

After Miss Kristine left at the end of January, my sister graciously offered to watch our kids two days a week while I interviewed other childcare options. I just hadn’t found the right fit for the kids and I didn’t want to rush into anything just to “have a warm body” with the kids.

In the meantime, my boys have ABSOLUTELY LOVED their time with Aunt Heidi. Over the past 6 weeks, she took them on adventures around town, helped them get into their creative zone for craft time and just allowed them to play and have fun all day. Each weekday they’d ask, “Is today the day we go to Aunt Heidi’s house?”

What a blessing to have a sister who is so amazing with your kids and makes them feel so special during her time with them.  For the way she continues to instill values of respect in my boys during their time together, for the fun and creative ways she engaged them each day and for the 9,467 times she listened to them sing “Let It Go” (Frozen) each day!

Below are some of the text pictures I received at work of my kids on their little adventures (library, zoo, music class, dress up, park, etc) with their cousins and Aunt Heidi:


My boys are already sad that Aunt Heidi/Awesome (yes she definitely lives up to her name) is going back to work and won’t be able to spend more time with them during the weekdays, but the silver lining is that since she is back at work, we get to nanny-share again, so our kiddos will still get to spend all week together (at school and at home)!


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