Chop chop

I have a very laissez faire attitude about my kids hair-do’s. We get it cut short and clean, and then I let it just grow for about 4 months until it dangles in their eyes and curls down their necks. I think it’s sweet with the little cropped cut like dad and equally cool with the messy, go with it, bed head that they sport when it has some length.


With Great Clips doing their big haircut special last week, we decided it was the perfect time to give the boys their cropped summer cuts! While we were waiting, I asked Landon what type of cut he wanted. He told me long – “like yours mom!” I told him that he couldn’t get a ‘longer cut’ that a haircut was going to be something shorter than what he already had.

Then we started flipping through “idea books” with the various styles and I pointed out some different options for him.  Each time, it was a quick “no, I don’t like that.”  Finally, he stopped on a page.  “Mom, I want this cut he said” pointing to the image below:


“Ummm yeah, we aren’t going to be getting that haircut, Bubba!”

The boys got in their seats and they both did great.  I was a tinge nervous when Brooks got in the chair because he is my “easily excitable one” and I didn’t know if he’d be able to sit still, but he did great. Part of that may be that I stood in front of him the entire time dangling a lollipop and saying, “good job Brooks, you get this treat if you keep sitting still!”

When we walked out, both boys had newly shorn “daddy haircuts” and sweet suckers in their mouth.



All in all, a haircut success!


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