100 Questions

Other moms have warned told me that 4 year old’s like to ask tons of questions.  And, man, they were right on the button!  Landon turned 4 on March 1st and the past few weeks have consisted of daily rounds of “20 Questions”.

We had a riveting conversation on the movie Cars 2 just last night:

“Mom, why is Mater being put in that dark truck?”
“Because they don’t want him to help Lightning McQueen.”
“But why would he need to help Lightning McQueen?”
“Because they are mad he is using Allinoil.”
“What is Allinoil?”
“Its the gas that all the racecars use in the movie?”
“Is it like the gas we get at the gas station?”

And on it goes.

Does your 4 year old ask at least 100 questions every day? Are they as crazy and random as the ones I get?


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