Dear Brooks,

This week I was reminded two times of how fleeting moments are with you… how quickly you are growing and changing.  Of course, I have mixed feelings – happy that you’re becoming such a smart and strong little boy – and sad that my baby is not a baby anymore.

This week, I walked into your bedroom and saw you sprawled across your crib.  Lying on your back with your arms up by your ears.  So peaceful looking.  And with the faint light, it was a glimpse of Baby Brooks.  Snug in your boppy pillow, arms above your head and feet stretched out long.  In that moment, you were three months old again.  So little and precious.

This week, we played lion in the playroom.  You had on the lion hat and you growled at me.  Lip snarled and hands up, ready to pounce.  And for a fleeting moment, I got a glimpse of 4 year old Brooks.  You looked older than your years.  Strong and matured.  It was like looking into the future at Little Boy Brooks.

I love these glimpses, reminders of who you were and who you are becoming.



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