Giving the same grace

I compare my kids.  I know, it’s not “good mom” of me to do this.

In my head, I often compare 2 year old Landon to 2 year old Brooks.  The bad part is I don’t really remember what 2 year old Landon was like.  The day to day from two years ago is a little foggy to me. So I guess I remember what I want to.  I remember Landon as a pretty good listener. Or was he?! Am I thinking of 2 year old Landon – or maybe it was 3 year old Landon?

One thing I do remember is that when Landon was two, I gave him a lot of grace.  There were no kids before him so I remember telling myself – ‘Ginger, he’s 2. He’s going to act this way.’  I wasn’t comparing him to another sibling (or ‘figment of my imagination sibling’ that I could hardly recall).

I need to do a better job of offering Brooks the same grace Landon received.  I need to temper my frustration when Landon (at 4) listens at my first request and Brooks (at 2) runs in the opposite direction.  To remind myself that Landon was once a runner and look how far he’s come.

I need to offer more grace to my littlest son.


Landon at almost 2.



Brooks at almost 2.


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