Dating my boys

As I blogged about earlier this year, I mentioned the goal of more fun times and date days with our kiddos.  Dean and I started the year with individual parent-son dates in February.

Last Thursday, I decided to offer Dean a night to himself.  I told him I would pick up the kids from school (something he normally does) and I would take them out so he could have some “me time” whether that be going out with a friend to enjoy some March Madness, or just have some downtime and tv time at home.

So, I picked up the kids from school – which they loved because it wasn’t the usual routine!  And after getting a great report on their behavior we went out for a date.

We hit up Little Caesar’s for a cheap Hot and Ready Pizza and just sat together on the tables right outside.

Then we headed over to Rita’s for their free “kick off Spring” Italian ice.  (I luckily heard about this on the radio about an hour before I went to get the kids and thought it was a great idea to do something special – and free”.

We sat in the car and talked, we jammed out to music, played with the camera on my phone with lots of selfies and just had a great time sharing tastes of our ice cream treats.

dating boys

It’s been so good for me to incorporate these dates with my kiddos and be intentional about time I spend with them.

It was also a great way to give Dean some ‘me time’ that he needs. I think its a great thing for spouses to do this for each other every once in a while and just let our mate recharge.  When I got home that night, Dean was excited to see his boys and seemed to be in a better mood after work because he didn’t have to deal with ‘the witching hour’ that he usually faces after preschool.


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