I often hear one of two responses – “yeah” or “no” when posed with questions.  I feel like nowadays there aren’t many responses that are as articulate as YES.

Even in my own communication with my husband, my sister, my friends…

“Are you coming on Saturday?” “Yeah”
“Did you pick up the milk and cheese?” “Yeah”

YES seems to be a non-existent word in the American vocabulary.

Unless your name is Brooks Dean.

With him everything is YESSTH (…that’s his extended/lispy/snake-like pronunciation on the end).

“Brooks, do you wanna go upstairs in the playroom?” “YESSTH.”
“Buggy, do you have a dirty diaper?” “YESSTH.”
“Brooks, did you take Landon’s truck away from him?” “YESSTH.”

In a time where it’s often a “yeah” or “sure”, I like that my son gives a resoundingly concise YES in his responses.



  1. Love it. 🙂 My younger son used to say “I do!” (or, more accurately, “Ah dooooooo!”) instead of yes. I used to ask him “yes” questions just to hear him say “Ah dooo!”

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