Music men

My kids love music. They love dancing to music.  They love playing their baby ukuleles.  And they LOOOVE going over to Gigi and Papa’s and playing all of my dad’s instruments. (My dad is very musical and can play several instruments well.  Genetically, none of his offspring share this gift.)

There are so many things to choose from in Papa’s music room – guitars, piano, maracas/tambourines, but favorite of all is his drum set.

When they run over to the music room they divide and conquer.  One on each instrument.  Twinkling the ivories. Jamming on the drums.  Then they trade spots.


They have their own little two person jam band.  And it’s sweet to see the huge smiles on their faces as they make their own music!

I wonder if their love of music will lead them to play instruments all their life. Or if they will be like their momma (a middle school quitter!).

P.S. How cute is the second to last picture where you can see Brooks’ little feet dangling at least 6 inches above the ground?


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