Flashback Friday: Studio 54


Studio 54

I went to school on the coast of North Carolina in a little college town.  After my sister got into the same college I did – UNC-Wilmington, my parents decided that instead of paying a ton of money for on-campus housing for two kids, they would buy a house we could live in with our friends through the college years.  (It became an even better investment after my brother ended up going to UNCW –  So we all got to use the house!)  Enter Studio 54 – the nickname we gave for our home.

Last weekend, my BFF sent me picture (above) of the house.  I didn’t even know she’d made a trip to our college town so it brought a huge smile to my face. Studio 54 was the location for many a late night – either partying or cramming for a test – usually more of the former, meeting tons of new friends, reminiscing about what our lives would be after college, 5, 10 or 20 years later and learning the responsibilities that come with living on your own and being responsible for the choices you make.

When she sent the picture, two things ran through my head: 1) I was shocked by how big the tree had gotten out front – and it reminded me that it’s been over 10 years (nearly 11) since I graduated and 2) brought back so many fun memories of ‘easy-street’ living.

I lived just 5 minutes from the beach. My high school really prepared me well for college so although classes were challenging, I never felt overwhelmed with the amount of work required, and I had a lot of free time on my hands to live life.  I met so many fun people who created so many hilarious memories of those 4 years.

Now that I’ve slowed down my lifestyle – it’s rare that I hit the bar for a night on the town – and have the responsibilities of a family, homeownership, career, etc; I still reminisce often of the awesome life I got to live through college.  I always say that if I ever had the chance to just relive a week of my life again, I would pick my college years.  I’d spend time at the beach, I’d hit my classes (and pay better attention), I’d socialize and go out with friends, and just have more of the meaningful conversations that filled those days.

For me, college was such an exciting time to gain knowledge, have so much social time and really learn to manage myself and my life – without the full burden of responsibility that comes with adulthood (i.e. a mortgage or 40 hour a week job).

If you could relive any one week of your life, what would it be?


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