First Fort

My boys hit a new milestone this week – they built their first fort. Two kids laying in a pack n play with a couple books and cars and a big blanket on top.

I remember making a TON of forts growing up. My sister, brother and I would take out all the blankets we could find. We would use the encyclopedia set (my kids will have no idea what that is!) to hold the blankets up and they would spread across the room from window to bed to shelf to dresser. An entire room covered in blankets. Then we’d crawl through passageways to different “rooms” of our fort.

I love that my boys were enthralled with their first fort. They laid in there chatting for a good 20 minutes, ‘reading’ to each other and just hanging out. I hope that this fort is the first of hundreds. A place to hang out, to pretend to be something else, to think and to play. Something that doesn’t require hundreds of parts or 10 “D” batteries but some blankets and imagination.

Cheers to the first fort:


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