Parenting “It’s”

Parenting is a lot of things.  You don’t really understand the extent of it until you are knee deep in diapers and covered in baby throw up. You think you’re prepared, and then they come along and it’s harder and better and crazier than you could have expected.

It’s loving your kids more than you could ever love yourself.

It’s understanding what your parents were telling you all those years ago when you were a child.

It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

It’s oh so fun. and it’s oh so messy.

It’s chaos – sometimes controlled and sometimes uncontrolled.

It’s looking back and seeing how fast it’s already gone.

It’s anxiety producing when you think about the parenting that is to come – teenage years!

It’s eye opening.  You’ll never read a news article about a ‘bad parent’ the same way again.  It hits your core deeper than ever.  It makes you want Jesus come back tomorrow.

It’s seeing your partner in a new way – the best side of them. The compassionate, sweet, soft side of your mate.  It takes your partnership to another level.

It gives you a new purpose.  A focus on the little things.  A different vantage point.

It overtakes your calendar.  With activities and playdates, sports and fun.

It puts a lot of the little things into perspective.

It’s the most wonderful challenge I’ve ever been tasked with.  Some days, I want to curl in a ball and hide in my closet.  Other days, I want to shout from the roof how much I love being a mom and spending time with my two crazies.

Parenting – it’s a lot of “it’s”.



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