Landon Says: Marriage

This weekend in the car, Landon looked at me in the rear view mirror and said, “Mom, Harleigh said she wants to marry me.”

I just looked back at him via the mirror as he continued, “and I want to marry Harleigh.” (Harleigh, his BFF cousin – just turned 4.)

I was a little shocked because I don’t remember ever talking to him about getting married and what it entails. I wanted to find out what he knew.  He just turned 4, so I figured I had a little more time before I explained what a marriage is.

“Bubba, what does that mean?  What happens when you get married?”
“Not MARRIED, mom, I said MARRY.” He corrected me.
“Ok, when you and Harleigh marry, what does that mean?” I asked.
“Oh, that means I am going to be babysitting her a lot,” he clarified.

This little boy is growing up faster than I can keep up with.


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