Worth Celebrating

If you’re like me, there are times when you forget to celebrate the small stuff.  The little highs in your days and weeks that make them better.  Sometimes I get so focused on the big things that I forget to love the little things that happen each day.

Today I am celebrating…

– a husband who has been extra helpful around the house lately.  Dishes magically washed.  I leave the house with dirty floors and come back to freshly mopped floors.  With no prompting from me.  This is my love language and I love it.

– getting into my running grove. I think I ran 7 out of the last 11 days.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.  Dean has even pushed me to get out there on a couple of the days that I was extra stressed or ‘fell out of the mood’ to go. Running has put me in my happy place lately.

– kids who have been sleeping so well this week.  While they may be grouchy by the end of the day, I can celebrate that they are going down so quickly and easily. Brooks has been in bed by 7pm multiple times this week (usually he goes down around 7:45).  I know they need the sleep and I love sneaking in and watching them sleep so peacefully for a few minutes each night.

– a little boy who is LOVING extra responsibility like showering and dressing himself each day.  It gives me some hands-off time when wants to do it by himself.

– Landon practicing both patience and not-whining when he can’t get something done. It makes me happy to see him work hard on it.

– Brooks remembering to say the prayer (and starting it before we all even get to the table) at dinner time.

– extra money in our paychecks, which means funds for some of the house projects we’ve been holding off on.

– the snuggles and cuddles I get with my two boys sitting in my lap reading “Dinosaurs Love Underpants” each night at bedtime.

– all of the fun things we have planned for this weekend (garden, coloring eggs, possible home decorating)

– and a countdown to Easter – only a week away!  I can’t wait to go to Elevation, hunt eggs, eat ham and hang out with family.  It’s one of the best parts of Spring!


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