Spring Likes and Dislikes

We are full bore into Spring in the Carolinas.  I always love the reminder of this time of year – of rebirth and starting fresh. It’s a time for me to come out of the hibernation I am in in January and February (the post-Christmas self-induced coma).

While I was running, I was thinking of the things I love about Spring. And the things I’m ‘over already’.

Longer days – more sunshine outside and the ability to run after work because it isn’t dark until after 8pm!

Temperatures – I love this time of year, jeans and tshirts or shorts and a long sleeve. I love the brisk chill of the morning and the warm afternoon breeze of the day.

The sky – I think the sky is especially blue this time of year. Maybe I notice it more because the dreariness of winter has passed but I always love the sky and the sunsets I get to see on my way home from work.

Treat weather – Spring is the perfect time of year for fro yo outside or ice cream pops on the back patio.

Outside playtime – My kids love coming home from school and still having daylight to ride their bikes or push their lawnmower like daddy.

Tulips – my favorite flower is out in full force right now.  Whenever I see tulips, it always reminds me of my wedding day bouquet – which makes me smile. That was an awesome day!

Grilling out – At least once or twice a week, Dean is out grilling some meat for dinner. Grilling out is one of the best parts of this new spring weather!


ALREADY OVER IT – There are already a few  “Springtime things” that I can’t wait to be done with.

Pollen and allergies – done already. My big baby boy is so irritated he’s on 5 different allergy meds right now. His eyes are swollen shut in the morning and we are showering him multiple times a day to help relieve the itch.  It breaks my heart for him and I cannot wait until we aren’t covered in the yellow stuff each day.

The little green bugs that dangle from the trees – I’m not sure what they are called (maybe silkworms?), but when I’m out running, I run through their sticky dangly strings all the time. It’s like running through spiderwebs constantly. Disgusting!  After my run this weekend, I came home to find three little worms crawling all over my body – Yuck!

Yellow everything – to tie into #1, I’m ready for my car and other outdoor items to stay clean for more than a few hours. Even after the rain, there is no doubt that the yellowness will be back with a vengeance.

What are your favorite/least favorite things about Spring?



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