(S)he sees you when you’re sleeping…

SleepB sleepL

Yes, I am that creepy mom who loves to watch her little boys sleep.  I know it’s weird. But it’s also when they are the most adorable, precious little things.

There is no talk back. There is no running away from me. There is no disobedience.  There is no parenting fail – yet again.  Nope, when they are sleeping they could easily be mistaken for the World’s Most Angelic Creatures.

Usually fresh from shower time and snuggled in their jammies with blankies and puppy/Chubby tucked in appropriately.  It is my favorite part of the day.  I reminisce the days when they were little 10 lb things, and reflect on how quickly they are growing. I think about the huge responsibility I have as their mommy.  And I thank God for the blessing of these two perfectly hand-picked additions to our family.

(P.S. I know, how dare I shine the bright flash in Brooksie’s face when he was in his deep REM cycle. I’m a crazy mom, I tell you!)



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