Garden: Take 1

Here she is… our first family garden.

We are taking it easy this year and ‘testing’ out some things. For example, we planted both seed pods and plants.  We’ll see what grows the best and how long it takes for both to bear fruit.

We did a variety of plants – a couple cherry tomatoes, golden tomatoes, beefy tomatoes, etc.  We also put in my favorites, basil and cilantro – love having fresh herbs – along with cucumbers, a pepper plant, a strawberry plant and a melon plant (I think it was honeydew or cantaloupe -not sure how the melon plant got in our cart, I guess my special helper Landon picked that one on his own.) 🙂

We were lucky enough to score a raised bed garden with a sprinkler system when we bought the house. The former owners had a little green thumb and let me know of all the great things they planted. I hope they don’t have high expectations upon their return visits to see friends in the neighborhood – I’m sure they’ll be sorely disappointed!

Prep was relatively easy – Dean raked out the bed, then I went with the kids and laid everything out and then we planted it all and watered it.


And don’t worry about any Mother of the Year awards for doing this garden activity with my kiddos… I only yelled at them 5,426 times during the installation of these plants. Good grief I can be anal during some of my projects.


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