On kids sharing a room

My boys don’t share a room.  And for the most part, they’ve never really shared a room.  At least for sleeping purposes.

In our old home, Brooks slept in the pack n play in our bathroom until he was about 4 months old and at that point, we’d transitioned Landon into the queen bed in the guest room.  (We tried for about a week or so to have them sleep in the same room (B in the crib and L on a twin mattress and box spring on the floor – so he wouldn’t fall very far!), but they never seemed to sleep as deeply and at that point, with the chance that Brooks could wake up at night – being so little, we didn’t want to risk it!)

Occasionally, when we had company at the old house, we’d have the boys sleep together. Usually L falling asleep in a separate room and then moving him into the twin in his brothers room when they were both fast asleep.

When we moved into our new house, we were thrilled that each kid got their own room and we had a guest room to spare – perfect for Grammy’s visits!  As a result, our kids still don’t share a room.

This past weekend, my kids had a spontaneous sleepover at Gigi and Papa’s house.  When I was checking in with my parents the next day, my dad mentioned that Landon didn’t want to sleep in the new twin beds they got and instead wanted to sleep on the bed/futon in the crib room with Brooks.  I thought that was sweet and asked how they did in the same room.  He said they both went down well, but at about 6:30 in the morning, Landon started having a coughing fit in his sleep. Over the monitor, they heard the coughing and a few seconds after it stopped they heard a sweet voice call from the crib, “Landon, are you awake over there?” Brooks was checking in on his big brother.

That moment reminded me of the years that I shared a room with my sister and the fun that came with being in bunk beds or twin beds together. The built in roommate that reminded me not to be scared after hearing Dad’s ridiculously frightening bedtime stories (yes, he told us crazy hatchet man stories that scared the crap out of us!). Or the fun of a room to share together, build into a cool fort, decorate together, etc.

I hope that my kids still find nights to sleep together in each others rooms and share the experiences of a shared space, despite each having their own rooms.  I hope that when one of them gets a set of bunk beds (maybe?!) that the other loves to come in and ‘sleepover’ in the same room.  I think room-sharing prompted some of the best memories of childhood and I hope that my kids find ways to share each others spaces as they grow.

Sidenote: Dean and his brother had separate bedrooms growing up but for years they slept together in bunkbeds each night.  Maybe L & B will do the same?!


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