Grammy came to visit

Grammy Dean – my hubby’s mommy – came to visit us for Easter. We had a great weekend and the kids loved their extra special time with grammy and hanging out all day together on Friday!

While she was here, I had her do a practice egg hunt with the kids, so they would be ready for all of the weekend festivities. I wanted to make sure Brooks knew how to hunt for the eggs when it came time to hang with the bigger kids! 🙂 What, you don’t prep your kids for milestone activities like this?!

Grammy set up a great practice hunt in the front yard and the boys went to town!

practice hunt1

practice hunt2


Then we came inside and the boys played LION on Grammy’s back. It was hilarious! and Grammy did a great job being the lion. Then it was time for bed. I loved catching this phone pic of three generations sitting in bed together reading Dinosaurs Love Underpants – the current favorite in our house.  (Of course, there was less reading and more boys reciting lines from memory.)

These special memories are what my kids love most about spending time with their extended family 🙂

Grammy visit


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