Kids Say: Prayers and Underwear

Brooks saying his prayer: “God our Father, once again, thank you for these blessings.” (Pause. Crunch…crunch…crunch.) “Aaaammeen. Yayyy!”

(Yep, he couldn’t make it the whole way through without a bite to get him to the Amen!)

* * *

Landon:  “Mom, can I go with you when you go to Kohl’s tonight?”

Me: “Are you going to have good behavior?”  (Sidenote: Last time we went (about a week ago), Landon and Brooks were little animals. They didn’t listen, they ran off in two different directions and when I finally had them sit in time out, they pulled down about 40 pairs of underwear from the racks near their time out spot.)

L: “Yes Mom, I’m going to have really good behavior.  I’m not going to pull down any pairs of underwear.”
I definitely get my fair share of humor from these crazy boys!


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