Easter Day Recap = Adorable Kid Pics

(You may have noticed the new header.  I figure since Brooks was only 6 weeks old in the last one, it was time for me to get my act together and update it!  We took some family pics on Easter at my parents house and it was the perfect time to sort through and use some for the update.  You’ll see more in the images below!)

Here comes a whole load of Easter adorableness.  The family all together to spend time hunting eggs, eating treats, taking family pictures and doing “Eastery” crafts.

Looking our best getting ready to head to church.  Love a family pic of all four of us – they don’t happen often.

easter1 easter2

Look who found their Easter baskets and are ready for the beach this summer… these guys!

easter3 easter4

Wow – the Easter bunny went overboard on those baskets!!


Ready for the hunt at Gigi and Papas

easter6 easter7 easter8

Of course there will be at least 72 takes of the 5 cousins!!

easter10 easter11 easter12

And one of the whole extended fam – Gigi and Papa, aunts, uncles and cousins!

(Dear Gigi, your ears are blocking my shot – Love, B Dizzle)


Grammy Love


I love these crazy boys… they are crazy, goofy, sweet, adorable and fun.

easter15 easter16 easter17 easter18

Lawson loves bubble time.


These two are definitely about to get into some trouble. And it’s only the beginning of the antics, I’m sure.


Mesmerized by the fish pond. This must be in their DNA (from Papa)!

easter21 easter22


One comment

  1. Yay! Love this post! Great pics, Gig. And the one of the Dean 4 in front of fireplace is a framer (well, if you ever printed pic’s it would be).

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