Oh Brooks

My littlest rugrat sure does keep me on my toes. He’s a little spitfire who wants to do everything that everyone else is doing.

Mom is cooking on the stove, he wants to cook on the stove.
Big bro is riding a bike, he wants to be on a bike.
Daddy is running down the stairs, he wants to run down the stairs.

I sure do say “Oh Brooks” out loud (or at least in my head) at least 10 times a day at some of his little Brooks-isms.

oh brooks

Running around like a superhero in his undies. Only to pee through them about 5 minutes later.  Oh Brooks.

Jumping on the bed – but never in the middle – always right around the perimeter in the ‘danger zone’. Be still my heart. Oh Brooks.

Crying and screaming through prayer when Landon gets to go first and say his.  Then immediately turning off the water works so that he can say his. Oh Brooks.

Running like a crazy man, but always looking behind to see who is chasing him instead of being aware of the more painful physical obstacles ahead! Oh Brooks.

Not wanting to go to bed for naptime so throwing a fit and throwing all his puppies and blankets out of bed. Then getting mad about 5 minutes later because he wants to be covered up. Oh Brooks.

The way he can eat slow as molasses for dinner, but put a scoop of ice cream in front of that kid after he finishes his meal and that stuff is gone lickety split and he’s mooching off of his other table mates’ ice cream. Oh Brooks.

The excitement over seeing a _________ (fill in the blank: firetruck, police car, taxi, airplane, dump truck, trash man). Driving down the street. And the fact that he’ll talk about said vehicle for at least 5 minutes after we pass them. Oh Brooks.

His pickiness over bedtime songs. “Not that one – twinkle star.” “Not that – mountain song.” “Do the song for daddy! (i.e. put Daddy’s name in the song)”. Oh Brooks.

When he gets “released from shopping cart jail” and I let him walk, the way he looks right in my eyes when I tell him to walk near me and he jets off in a full sprint in another direction. Oh Brooks.

The way he always finds the lion hat in the playroom, puts it on and “Raaawwrs” in his most convincing lion voice. Then he’ll ask me to get on his back so he can be the lion and “carry me” around the room.

And my favorite…

Giving the sloppiest and most loving open mouth kisses over and over and over.  “‘Nodder (another) one. ‘Nodder one.” Oh Brooks.


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