Perception in Parenting

I recently took the day off to spend the day with my kiddos.  It was a Mommy and Boys day.  In my head, I’d planned our day. We’d run to Kohl’s to try to do some birthday shopping for daddy’s upcoming special day, we’d check out some other stores and then we’d take the light rail uptown to visit daddy for lunch during his workday.

The plan sounded amazing. And I can tell you all about how my kiddos were little angels.  How they listened when we got on the light rail and sat patiently in their seats.  How they ate their lunch quickly so they could have a special ice cream treat.  And those things did happen. See…


But sometimes, in the sake of showing the positives of my day, I forget to ‘keep it real’. No my Mommy and Boys day was not perfect. While you look at the sweet pictures above, you don’t see the meltdown of Child #2 who was upset before we even left the house:

Or my visit to Kohls where my kids were running in every direction, so I put them in timeout. Only to turn around and find they had pulled down about 40 pairs of underwear and were making a “nest” with them. (no picture of the “nest” – sorry)

Or when I told my kids to hurry so we could catch the train, they seemed to walk ever slower and proceeded to drop the one thing that they just “had to carry” to help me get to checkout in Target:


Yes, life is so often about perception.  On this blog, I like to keep it real – because I want this to be a true record of what life was at this point. I want to look back and really remember the moments, so I don’t want each post to be fawning over my ‘perfect life’. Because life isn’t always perfect.

That being said, I also want to keep this blog as a journal for my kids to look back on one day, and I don’t want each post to be filled with negativity and frustrations of my days.  I want there to be a humorous and fun spin on what I’m posting.  Because for the most part, our life is humorous and fun… filled-in with tantrums and pulling my hair out 🙂

Perception is a crazy thing.  Too often you are blindsided by the couple who always seems so lovey dovey announcing their divorce or the mom who seems to be ‘on the ball’ in every facet of her life and you find out she’s popping pills to get through her day.

I don’t want people to look at my blog and feel like I have this perfect life with perfect kids and that there aren’t challenges.

As Furtick says, “Too often we compare our behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.”

So in the spirit of keeping it real:
– I bribe my kids. A lot. With treats/trips to the playground/movie time/outside time for listening/good behavior/peeing on the potty/_____(there are a lot of things).
– I can lose my cool in about .425 seconds with my kids and I am not proud of it.
– As a result of #2, my kids also lose their cool in .425 seconds because they’ve seen their momma do it. 😦
– I often ‘over plan/book’ my weekends and then get frustrated when my kids can’t keep up with the madhouse schedule.

Just a few examples of what life is REALLY like in the Dean house.


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