I was cleaning out Landon’s backpack from school and to my surprise uncovered not 1 but 2 special surprises.

Surprise #1: A pair of 3T pants that haven’t fit Landon in over a year. Yes this is part of his “back up” outfit we leave in his backpack in case he has an accident at school where he needs to change clothes. At this rate, he’d be better off staying in his “ruined” outfit instead of these wears which I’m sure would be tight all over!

Surprise #2: This Christmas gift Landon made for us at school. Yep, just found it – first week of May!




I’m sure you are all super interested to know what was inside, so I’ll spill the beans:

An adorable handprint ornament featuring…



…five of my favorite fingers!




Wow, I am just on the ball with this mom-stuff.

Don’t you all start nominating me for Mother of the Year now!

P.S. For some of you overachieving moms, you are probably just about to start on your Christmas 2014 stuff, so look, I’m right on time/ahead of the game for you, showing off a kids Christmas craft idea! You’re welcome!


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