Best Parts of my Mother’s Day

I would say I’m not like most other moms when it comes to Mother’s Day. Most wouldn’t say that getting projects done all weekend is the best part of their Mother’s Day.  But for me, acts of service and crossing things off of the to-do list make me so happy.

Here are some of the best parts of my Mother’s Day weekend:

1- my hubby working hard to sand down my “new” old kitchen chairs. I can’t wait to refinish them and the table. I think they’ll make our kitchen look great!

2 – eating tons of cupcakes with my family and kids. Dean picked up some delicious treats on Friday so we got to enjoy them all weekend. Yum!

3 – opening the gifts from my kids.  I got an adorable handprint picture from Brooks and I really loved Landon’s gift – a list of all the favorite things he loves doing with mom. He’s at an age where he really articulates well and I’m loving this stage where mom is still the center of his world.

4 – painting 4 different areas of our house over the past 4 days – Landon’s room, the ‘atrium nook’ (at least that’s what we call this recessed area near our garage), a kitchen nook and the living room shelves.  I am so happy we got all of these projects done.

5 – my hubs fixing our leaky kitchen faucet. Yay, this means we can hold out on replacing anything for the time being!

6 – shopping in peace.  I never get to shop alone anymore. Mostly because I feel guilty if I don’t have my kids with me during the limited number of hours each week that I get to spend with them. But on Sunday, I went shopping in peace and it was awesome.  I actually got to look at the clothes racks!

7 – running a Color Run with my mom. It was hilariously disorganized. We were some of the fastest runners of the group – which tells you that there wasn’t much speed at this event. And we had so much fun just hanging out and dying laughing during the event. When I have my kids around it can sometimes get hard to really ‘catch up’ with friends and family since I always have an eye on what they are doing, but I loved that we didn’t have any interruptions in our morning together.

8 – capping off our weekend with a family photoshoot. We haven’t had family pics taken in over a year and I am excited to update our ‘portfolio’.  Plus, the kids did great during the shoot.  Always good when you get compliments on your ‘well mannered kids’ because we all know they aren’t always little angels 🙂

9 – delicious pancake breakfast from the hubs and kids. Breakfast always tastes extra delicious when you don’t have to make it!

What made your Mother’s Day extra special this year?


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