10 things you didn’t know about me

1. My favorite soda is Diet Pepsi followed by Root Beer.  I don’t drink soda very often, but there are definitely hot days when the summer when I just have to have one.

2. My ideal amount of sleep at night is 7.5-8 hours. I can tell a difference in how rested I am when I get my ideal amount of sleep.

3. I used to want three kids. Two boys and then a girl. Then I had two boys and decided life is crazy enough as a family of four. No need to go overboard!  Plus, I think I am much more suited to be a mom of boys than I am to be a mom of girls.

4. I think some of my best traits are my practicality and my ability to multi-task and do things very efficiently so I can get the most done in a short timeframe. My husband does not enjoy my best traits. 🙂

5. I am a ‘hoarding trasher’. Some things I use very slowly or over a long time so I can keep them forever – i.e. clothes and special lotions. I just can’t get rid of them.  Other things I throw out the second they come in the door – i.e. kids coloring papers. It really makes me feel good when I do more trashing than I do hoarding. Although I’m big on keeping sentimental boxes of the important things.

6. I have saved several voicemails from my dad over the years telling me I’ve done a good job on a project or praising me for something.  I like to know that I always have some positive encouragement in my back pocket in case I need a pick me up.  Every so often when I’m in my voicemail, I’ll listen to some of his old messages and affirmations and it makes me feel good inside.

7. I rarely venture far from home.  I like to stay in my little 5 mile radius of home – whether it’s going to a restaurant or doing activities on the weekends, I generally like to keep to my little bubble and don’t enjoy running all over the place.

8. I am crazy particular about how I sleep at night.  Dark room, no lights on tv/alarm clock glaring at me and fan running.  When I travel I have to bring a fan with me or it doesn’t go well.  (i.e. “the breathing machine” as the airlines have called it during luggage scans.)

9. I love traveling the world and visiting different places and I always have at least 10 “have to” spots on my bucket list, but there’s nothing in the world like coming home after an adventure abroad and sleeping in my own bed and eating my favorite ‘home’ foods. (I know, this kinda contradicts #7 but that is more my general living style and this is vacation time!)

10. I love game nights.  Especially when my team is winning. Taboo, Pictionary, Cranium. Bring it on. I don’t get to play much, but when I do, it’s always a fun night!


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